Paranormal Prison (paranormal reverse harem romance)

A reverse harem romance set in the shared world Paranormal Prison. It’s steamy, humorous, and has just the right amount of an edge. So come join an amazing group of authors in Nightmare Penitentiary, a place you’ll never want to escape from.


Wicked Reform School (paranormal reverse harem romance)

A reverse harem academy romance with a twist! It features brand new characters and is number 1 in the Wicked Reform School Series! At this reform school, you’ll discover wicked paranormals, wicked punishments, and wicked pleasure, like you’ve never read before!

1.UNTAMED - House of Berserkers ebook cover

Monsters and Gargoyles (paranormal reverse harem romance)

Full-length romances with tough heroine, gorgeous gargoyles (who our heroine doesn’t have to choose between), and tales full of twists and turns. But be ready for a long night of reading, because these gargoyles are stone-hard!

1. Medusa's Destiny2. Keto's Tale3. Celaeno's Fate

4. Cerberus Unleashed5.Lamia's Blood6. Shade's Secret

Shorts in the Monsters and Gargoyles’ World:

Their Own SanctuaryTheir Miracle Pregnancy

Mates of the Realms (paranormal reverse harem romance)

This is a series of paranormal romance with three demons and one woman (but don’t worry, she doesn’t have to choose between her love interests). It’s filled with steamy sex scenes, action, and a neat paranormal world. But be warned, this book may leave you wondering why all your dreams can’t be filled with sexy demons who know just how to possess a woman. *** Enjoy this completed series! ***

1.Renegade Hunter b-12.Cursed Hunter-13.Betrayed Hunter-1

4.Rebel Lover by Lacey Carter Andersen (one series)5.Rebel Lies by Lacey Carter Andersen (one series)6.Rebel Loss by Lacey Carter Andersen (one series)

7.Rogue Demon AMAZON LARGE

Box Sets

8.Demon Hunter Box Set (one series)9.Rebel Angel Box Set (one series)Mates of the Realms Big Box Set (flattened)(5)-tiny

The Firehouse Feline (paranormal reverse harem romance)

This is a medium-burn paranormal reverse harem with a side of laughter and plenty of heat (and it’s not just coming from the fire!)

1.Feline the Heat - The Firehouse Feline book 1 v42.Feline the Flames - The Firehouse Feline book 2 v6

4.Feline the Burn - The Firehouse Feline book 5 v12.Feline the Pressure - The Firehouse Feline book 3 v2

God Fire Reform School (paranormal reverse harem romance)

This is a paranormal reverse harem series, where you’ll find yourself with sexy gods, a lovable heroine, and the mess of supernatural beings who want them dead.

1.Magic for Dummies3 (smaller)6.Myths for Half-Wits (flattened)2

Alternative Futures (science fiction romance)

Nightmare Hunter6- Kindle- Rebranding3Deadly Dreams- Kindle- Rebranding2

Mortal Flames- Rebranding (Right File Size)Twisted Prophecies- Kindle- Rebranding (Right File Size)2

Box Set

Alien Mischief

An Icelius Reverse Harem (a serial scifi reverse harem romance)

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Collection of Serials:

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Steamy Tales of Warriors and Rebels (an erotica reverse harem romance)

New Cover- Gladiators- Full Book

The Dragon Shifters’ Last Hope

The Dragon Shifters' Last Hope - Cover 1 - Sapphire DesignsThe Dragon Shifters' Last Hope - Cover 2 - Sapphire DesignsThe Dragon Shifters' Last Hope - Cover 3 - Sapphire Designs

Collection of all Serials:

Magic in her Haren Kindle LAST-jpg

Harem of the Shifter Queen

Sultry Fire- NewestSinful Ice- NewestSaucy Mist- Newest

Collection of All Short Stories:

Power in Her Kiss Collection- New


Lacey Carter Andersen - Goddess of Love v5

Goddess of Love (Blood Moon Rising Shared World)


Worthy (A Villainously Romantic Retelling)


Beauty with a Bite

Witch Bar- flattened3- clothes

Shifters and Alphas



Monsters, Gods, Witches, Oh My!

Wings Horns and Shifters Box Set Collection

Wings, Horns, and Shifters


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